Fresh Meat


In an isolated military base, seniority is all that matters! the newbie soldiers undergo a brutal series of hazing rituals. Shechter, a recent recruit, does everything he can to lose his newbie status. But when Levi, a guy who started at the same time as he did gets promoted before him, the sleep-deprived Shechter loses touch with reality when he is forced to spend all night washing dishes.


Director: Itay Morag
Screenplay: Elchanan Lazaros, Itay Morag
Cinematography:Gal Rumbak
Producers :Stav Meron, Ariel Hanoch
Editor:Ran Raviv
Original Music: Ran Shem-Tov
Sound designers :Ran Raviv, Idan Raved
Cast: Imri Biton, Gal Amitai, Gadi dorfman, Zohar Lugassi, Kuti Sabag

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Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival (Israel)