Papa’s Last Battle


“We’ve played like never before, and lost like always”
After decades of political struggles, Pepe Alalo (70), the leader of the left party in Jerusalem decides to run for mayor of the holly city. Although it’s a slim shot, Pepe believes in presenting the public with an alternative. Michael (32), his son and the movie’s director joins him and together they embark on a Don Quixote Sancho Panzo battle against the powerful windmills of the most complicated city in the whole world – Jerusalem.


Director: Michael Alalu
Producers: Stav Meron, Michael Alalu
Participants: Pepe Alalu, Roza Alalu, Michael Alalu
Editor: Eyla Banged, Dafni Leaf
Photography: Saar Mizrahi, Assaf Shnir Michal Aharonson, Michael Alalu

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Jerusalem Film Festival (Israel)

Supported by:

Makor Foundation, Gesher Foundation, The Jerusalem Film & Television Fund