The Death Of Cinema and My Father Too


A father and son try to freeze time through cinema, but the father’s cancer threatens to cut their quest short. While the father is unsentimental in his approach toward his imminent death, his son disconnects from reality in a desperate last attempt to see his father as a hero. Tel Aviv goes up in flames in the fictional story, but the father’s real world does not end with a bang but with a slow vanishing whimper.


Director: Dani Rosenberg
Producer: Stav Meron & Dani Rosenberg
Co-Producer: Edgarad Tenembaum, Carol Plakoff
Screenplay: Dani Rosenberg & Itay Kohay
Cinematographer: David Stragmeister
Sound designer: Neal Gibs
Editors: Nilli Feller, Guy Nemesh
Original Music: Yuval Semo
Cast: Marek Rozenbaum, Natan Rosenberg, Roni Kuban, Noa Koler, Ina Rosenberg, Sanina Rosenberg, Ruth Farhi, Uri Klauzner

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Official selection Cannes Film Festival (France), Jerusalem Film Festival winner (Israel), Opening movie of Internationales Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg (Germany), Molodist Kyiv Film Festival (Ukraine), Transatlantyk Festival Lodz (Poland), Lucca Film Festival (Italy), Busan Film Festival (South Korea), São Paulo Film Festival (Brazil), Arte Mare – Mediterranean Film Festival (France), Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Greece), Leiden International Film Festival (The Netherlands)

Supported by:

Israeli Film Fund, NFCT, Mifal Apais

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