The Voice of Ahmad


I Am Ahmad, a 1966 13 min. revelatory short, was originally censored before its stormy release. In the film, a naïve Arab manual laborer from the periphery of pre-1967 Israel tries again and again – and is repeatedly refused – to rent an apartment in Jewish and liberal Tel Aviv. Fifty years later, top Directors Arab and Jewish conduct a poignant dialogue about “today’s Ahmad”, contending with questions of the impossible coexistence between Palestinian citizens of Israel and Jews that is rapidly deteriorating. Comprised of six chapters, the feature film is political, activist and fistful, mirroring a torn Israel. Yet, Voice of Ahmad is at times also funny, poetic and sarcastically utopian.


Directors: Avshalom Katz, David Ofek & Ayelet Bechar, Shadi Habib Allah, Doron Djerassi, Noam Kaplan, Dan Geva, Mamdooh Afdile & Iddo Soskolne
Producers: Stav Meron & Renen Schorr
Co-Producer: Tone Anderson – Klar Films
Production Company: Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School, Pardes Films
Editors: Dan Geva, Doron Djerassi, Michal Gassner, Effi Cohen, Itay Onik, Yaniv Segalovich
Cinematography: Dan Geva, Doron Djerassi, Gal Rumbak, Itay Marom, Catrin Svenfors
Sound Design: Gil Toren, Shahaf Wagshal
Original Music: Ran Bango

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Worldwide premier at Sarajevo Film Festival (‏Bosnia and Herzegovina) 2021, Doc Aviv 2020 (Israel)

Supported by:

JSFS – Sam Spiegel, Pardes Films, Makor Foundation, Israeli Film Council, Klar Films